Gary Borse


Capturing the soul, or essence and energy of the landscape is a challenge. Painting what you see and feel at the same time is like walking the fence. If you fall one way you have what everyone sees, if you fall the other way you have what everyone feels. Therefore you must stay on the edge of the fence.

I am fascinated by the Florida landscape and strive to paint it in a different way than any other artist. While I stay on the edge of the fence, I can still create images that are representational but have the essence of mystery and excitement that reality does not permit some imaginations to perceive. In essence I try and create an image that can be seen by the soul.

I have good horses, so I am fortunate enough that I could go into areas that most people cannot reach, especially in summer when the water levels are high. Riding through creeks and swamps that four wheel ATV’s cannot navigate, what I have seen is so stunning it forces you to think about Florida’s past and future while you are in its midst.

I have taken pictures from the saddle and worked in my studio to bring out the energy and real expressionism in the Florida landscape.

There is underlying warmth and mystery in the landscape of Florida. If we don’t clean up the litter and debris from dumping, as well as stopping it altogether, and we allow the bulldozer to ravage the state for development, draining our water supply, we will watch this all disappear in our lifetime. More of the state needs to be protected for future generations, and it needs to be done now before it’s too late.

I have painted many styles and am influenced by many artists throughout the history of modern art as well as the ancient cultures that have come before us. I cannot think of anything more intriguing to paint than the soul of the landscape, out loud.


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