Art & Jewels: Escape to the Vineyard

Richichi Aquinnah Light 24 x 36 oil

VIEW new works by Linda Richichi
WATCH a Linda painting “plein-air” 
SEE new collections by Chris Bales and Elizabeth Buenaventura
TRY on your favorite styles
MEET all three accomplished and inspiring women!

Showing both art and jewels, Nikki Sedacca Gallery welcomes Nationally Acclaimed artist Linda Richichi for a solo exhibition and two outstanding jewelry designers, Elizabeth Buenaventura and Chris Bales to the island. Linda will be offering “plein-air” painting demonstrations throughout the day, Friday, June 29, and attendees are encouraged to ask the designers questions and try on their favorite jewelry styles.

Fine Jewelry designs by Elizabeth Buenaventura are youthful and delicate, designed for everyday wear with the sparkle of dazzling diamonds and precious stones. With the inclusion of lustrous pearls, Elizabeth’s work wears gracefully and omits a timeless appeal.

Chris Bales, whose jewelry remains a staple to the gallery’s collections, presents her newest selections of semi-precious stones- Larimar, druzy, aquamarine, blue topaz, and pearl amongst others — impeccably set in sterling silver. Each piece is one-of-a-kind with unique combinations of the colored stones. Some of her pieces feature nautical themes like mermaids or turtles from hand-carved bone.


Richichi’s newest body of work is inspired by the delightful scenery found throughout Martha’s Vineyard. Richichi received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from SUNY in 1994 and discovered her  passion for “plein-air” painting by 2001. By painting on sight and in the moment, each brush stroke holds an energy, creating a landscape that is calm yet revitalizing. Oil paint glides from Richichi’s brush to canvas or panel in an energetic and seemingly spontaneous manner, yet the intuitive calculation of each stroke is unmistakable. In Aquinnah Light, crisp spring air dissipates into a warm summer breeze. Richichi carefully creates a balanced composition and captures the iconic Aquinnah Lighthouse, transporting the viewer serenely into an idyllic scene.   


Richichi is a current member of the Oil Painters of America and a signature member of the California Plein Air Painters, NY and International Plein Air Painters. Notably, in 2012, Richichi was voted as National Best Intuitive Artist from (then a NY Times company). In addition to oil painting, Richichi has received considerable attention for her work in pastel, including exhibiting at the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City with the Pastel Society of America. Richichi’s work embodies the essence of each landscape and illuminates the romantic notion of comfort by Mother Nature.


This season, Nikki Sedacca Gallery seeks to blur the line between art and jewels, creating a narrative about its similarities and differences and delves into the detail. With a passion for the variety of mediums in which art and jewels are created, Nikki Sedacca curates a season blooming in full color.