“Fine Art & Unusual Jewels”

Nikki Sedacca Gallery is the product of a lifelong passion for contemporary art in many forms. With a family background in the arts, Nikki Sedacca has made her living pursuing her passion of creating art jewelry for the last 25 years. She has shown her jewelry on the island for the last 15 years at Optional Art ‐ Nikki Sedacca on Winter Street. Partnering with her daughter, Montana Taplinger, their art & jewelry concept has evolved into a space to showcase the work of top, award‐winning artists from around the world as well as Nikki’s jewelry collection. Along their frequent and extensive international travels, Nikki and Montana are always looking for the best and brightest in the industry with a unique approach to their art in various mediums.

Featuring several local Vineyard artists, as well as those throughout the US, the gallery carries an extensive collection of blown glass sculpture, and other art mediums including, fine oil paintings, abstract and impressionist work, fine jewelers and one‐of‐a‐kind pottery.