Abby Modell Glass

We are pleased to present work by renowned glass artist Abby Modell

Abby Modell vessel

Abby Modell’s Galaxy Collection takes its inspiration from the natural swirling formations of the stars, planets, and the infinite dimension of the night sky. Focused on transparencies and light within the objects, Modell imagines the natural beauty of earth’s rock crystals as dimensions. Creating an imaginative terrain of ‘Moon Mountain’ sculptural objects, Modell uses visual surfaces of matte and gloss mirror glass finishes to express her vision.  The artist transforms glass, Swarovski crystals and luminous mirror finishes, into sculptural objects that capture the beauty of supernova bursts of light and vibrant star formations.


moon mountain silk

View all the works by visiting Abby’s artist page at our Location in Sarasota, FL.